Singing... a profound way of spreading love!

Agreed that singing is a mere talent but then, it is also a feeling, an emotion expressed from the deepest recesses of the heart. It is an intense feeling of love that is declared in the form of a jubilant expression, pouring through the vocal chords in the purest form of voice - the raga!

The inspiration for such divine art could be derived from anything. I, as a singer, draw inspiration from distinct tradition, culture and my immense love for Malnad, a profound place in Karnataka, India, which has been the proud mother of many artists in various fields including the great writer and poet of Kannada literature - Shri Kuvempu.

Malnad, being the selfless land of contributors to art in many rich ways, represents the celebration of art, creativity and immense talent to me. I bow to this humble land which represents the epitome of meaningful existence. The green leafy spread, the subtle sound of stream water, the lustre of authentic culture has taught me tons, which has today translated my passion into a career that is my life!

My friends, here I am, extending a very warm welcome to my webpage. Along with my profile information, I hope to pass on the inspiration that my native land has bestowed onto me.

Come, let us sing to our heart's content and spread love!

With best wishes,

- Dr. Shamitha Malnad